Budget & Planning

Planning your renovation has never been easier. With the FlipOS system, you can model your expenses, project your profit and get visibility to your portfolio all in one place.

Rehab Calculator

Determining what type of fixes are needed on a property is essential to selling quickly and scaling your business. The Rehab Calculator allows flippers to select the improvements needed and instantly generate the total costs. 

  • Easy-to-use calculator with rehab categories listed to guide you
  • Real-time data with instantly calculated costs
  • Inclusive prompts to ensure that nothing you need is overlooked
rehab budget preview and graphic

Deal Calculator

Know what you’re projected to get out of the deal before signing a contract. The Deal Calculator does all the heavy lifting to help you determine if a property is a deal or a dud.

  • Immediate ROI calculations
  • Calculate the maximum amount you should invest and avoid overpaying
  • Adjust your entries to determine your optimal return
deal calculator preview image

Portfolio Management

See all your investments in one place and have the ability to organize them depending on what stage they’re in. Select a specific property to drill down or view your portfolio in aggregate.

  • See your investments all in one place
  • Select a specific property or view your portfolio in the aggregate
  • Track, organize, monitor and report on your investments
Portfolio image

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